We are ONETeam Sports Group, Canada’s largest and most trusted provider of sports equipment, branded apparel, and custom accessories.
For more than 30 years, our expertise and coast-to-coast infrastructure has been outfitting and supporting athletes, teams, organizations, and communities across the country.
We think everyone deserves the opportunity to play and succeed.

We believe in the power of team

Our passion runs deep. We are coaches, managers, athletes, and volunteers committed to bringing people together. We’re invested in the sporting community and your goals, and we take pride in delivering expert advice, strong customer service, and turnkey, innovative solutions.





Our roots in the beautiful game run deep, making us Canada’s largest provider of soccer gear, apparel, and equipment. Our international brand partnerships and unparalleled distribution network allow us to offer unique volume-buying capabilities, including our dedicated Online Club Buying Platform and back-end purchasing solutions, which help outfit and support teams, clubs, and leagues of all sizes from coast to coast.

Home Run Sports

Diamond sports will always have a special place in our hearts—the crack of the bat is like music to our ears. Our substantial selection, quality, and national partnerships are unrivalled, and we make it easy to ensure you, your team, and your league have all the gear, equipment, and apparel necessary to swing for the fences every single time.

Kahunaverse Sports

Sports bring people together in a way nothing else can, which is why we are proud to be the country’s leading supplier of branded uniforms, gear, and equipment. We’re here to help any specialty group—such as universities, colleges, institutions, and businesses—with top-quality, custom apparel and accessories for events, conferences, or initiatives of any size or complexity.