Leading the way

At the helm of ONETeam Sports Group is a dynamic team of innovators and proven winners. Their strategic approach to service is what allows us to be at the very forefront of the industry, providing Canadian athletes, teams, leagues, and communities with the products and support they need to reach the next level.

Our leadership team

David Blatt

Team leader

Now here’s a team captain—the sort of leader who sees the play before it even develops. David’s approach to corporate strategy revolves around finding the right people and the right partners. He has an eye for talent and can always spot a winner.

Andrew veer


If you’re looking for someone to lead a rally, look no further. Andrew oversees all operations, including procurement, warehousing & distribution, customer service, IT, processing, and more, so he knows a thing or two about bringing the team together.

Brad Leitch

Brand leader

Brad is definitely the first one to arrive for practice and the last to leave. His vision and experience in omnichannel marketing is coupled with a passion for market analysis and research, which means he knows how to strategically lead a team towards success.

Catlin Baydak


Behind every victory is a whole bunch of impressive numbers, and luckily, Catlin knows what they mean. He oversees all accounting and financial services for ONETeam Sports Group, including budgets, forecasting, reporting, and policy implementation—he’s a true game saver.

Scott Kehoe


If you peeked at Scott’s to-do list, you’d see “fan experience” right at the top. His role in marketing means he’s an expert at developing activations, initiatives, and comprehensive, unified market strategies that bring all of ONETeam Sports Group’s moving pieces together. Talk about a force of nature

Crystal Brady

Team Services

Like a true Team Manager, Crystal brings her wide range of skills to balance the needs of our customers, sales groups, and suppliers. Her focus is on the details and ensuring our members have all the latest information needed to deliver our customers the best possible experience. With an eye for key accounts, Crystal is a unifying force for some of our biggest partners.

Mike hamm

Sales team

Chemistry matters, and it’s something that Mike manages to find with everyone around him. He collaborates with reps and customers across the country to ensure everyone has the tools they need to succeed. He delivers results, and whether it’s a pep talk or a strategic plan, Mike is your man.

Bree Minor

Customer Service Management

Bree Minor oversees a deep customer service team geared towards supporting the sales staff and at-once web support. She has a strong history of putting the customer first.  For Bree, the customer experience is top priority, and you will find that same dedication across the entire customer service team.

Craig preece

Product management

Craig is like an equipment manager dialed up to 11. His focus is on bringing new and existing products to market that meet the ever-evolving needs of Canadian athletes, teams, and communities. He understands people, and he knows how to get them what they need.

Dean mcmaster


For a seasoned veteran, Dean sure knows how to evolve. His 20+ years in the game give him remarkable insight, which he uses to develop cutting-edge technologies, align approaches, and build stingy defensive safeguards. He’s a master tactician who is always looking toward the future.

Maria Salo

Procurement Management

If you’re going into the equipment room, you’ll have to get through Maria first. She works closely with finance, product management, and warehousing to ensure inventory control and also handles purchasing, database management, and costing—she’s a truly formidable force in the locker room.

Mat Bird

Sport Specialty

On the back of Mat’s jersey you’d find the word “unity.” Leading our specialty sports categories, Mat’s ability to combine the visions and needs of our team, club, and institutional sales teams to create a retail and e-commerce customer experience that is both smooth and rewarding.

Steve Millin

Production Management

In order for a team to succeed, everyone must contribute something special. Steve is our playmaker. His creativity is paired with a meticulously logical approach to help support the generation, distribution, decoration, and delivery of every order. He has to think five steps ahead, and, lucky for us, he does.

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