For Immediate Release

Winnipeg, Manitoba – April 1, 2021

The Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association is proud to announce a new three-year agreement with Kahunaverse Sports.

As part of the agreement, Kahunaverse Sports will outfit the WMBA with their top apparel brands in adidas, Under Armour, Russell/Augusta, Stormtech and more.  Further, the WMBA will have access to their extensive equipment lineup from now through March 31, 2024.

As part of the agreement, Kahunaveres will also provide annual rebates and access to their affiliate program to support the association and its members.

About the WMBA

The Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association was established in 1997 with a vision to provide a structured basketball league for Winnipeg area children, open for all to participate. The league tipped off with 40 teams, based out of 12 Community Centers. The WMBA now supports over 200 teams and offers 6 leagues, spanning all age groups.

Mission & Objectives
The mission of the WMBA is to provide a positive environment for all Winnipeg & surrounding area youth, coaches, referees and parents by promoting the sport of basketball through a community centre program.

Objectives of the WMBA:

  1. To provide a volunteer-based basketball league for Winnipeg & surrounding area youth to participate in.
  2. To foster and encourage personal and athletic growth, education and development of all players, coaches and officials who participate in our programs.
  3. To encourage equal participation and strong values of basketball, such as teamwork and fair play within the Association.
  4. To encourage and promote volunteer involvement in basketball through the Association.
  5. To define, develop and uphold the rules & regulations of basketball as adopted by this Association and ensure that participating community centres follow the rules, regulations and procedures as presented by the General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres.
  6. To seek corporate and community support for the Association.

For further information on this agreement please contact:

Sean Close, Executive Director – WMBA, 204-925-5774,

Mike Hamm, Team Sales – Kahunaverse Sports, 604-329-4425,

Photos courtesy of Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association Facebook Page

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